Atrium ETD submission guide

Once you have read through the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS) Thesis Completion Guide and prepared your document for submission, follow the steps below to complete the process.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the Thesis Approval Deadline date is the LAST DAY for a thesis/dissertation to be approved in the Atrium in order to graduate at the next Convocation. Your thesis/dissertation must be ACCEPTED into the Atrium by the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies BEFORE the Thesis Approval Deadline. For the exact date of the approval deadline, please refer to the applicable Graduate Calendar - Schedule of Dates.

Submitting your electronic thesis

  1. Go to the Atrium.

  2. Click the Login button, located under the orange header bar.

  3. Click on the University of Guelph login link. Log in with your central login user name and password.

  4. In the right menu bar under the My Account menu, select Submissions.

    My Account menu options Logout, Profile, Submissions.

  5. In the Submissions & workflow tasks window, select start a new submission.

    Submission and Workflow Tasks window and option to start a new submission.

  6. In the Select a collection window, the drop-down list will include all collections for which you have permission to submit. You must select Theses and dissertations - All (2011-).

    Click Next.

    Select A Collection window with drop-down menu listing existing collections in the Atrium.

  7. Initial questions

    Indicate whether your item has multiple titles and/or has been published by selecting the appropriate box. Unless your item has been translated into another language and/or previously published, do not check either box but click Next to proceed. Check the first box if your entire thesis/dissertation has more than one title (e.g. a translated title). Check the second box if you have published or publicly distributed your thesis/dissertation in its exact form (this does not include published chapters of your thesis/dissertation).

    Click Next.

    Initial Questions window with check boxes for Multiple titles or Published.

    Note: The buttons across the top of the form will help you to monitor you progress through the submission steps.

    Note: The Save & Exit button will allow you to save your work at any time and resume at a later date.

  8. Describe item (Part One)

    Fill in all mandatory fields (Author, Title, Advisor) and any other field that is applicable to your submission.

    Authors: This field is mandatory. Enter the name of the author and click the Add button.

    Deposit item Author field to enter Last name and First name.

    Title: This field is mandatory.

    Describe item Title field.

    Type: From the drop-down list select Thesis.

    Describe item Type field presented as a drop-down list.

    Language: Select the written language of your thesis/dissertation from the drop-down list.

    Decribe item Language field presented as a drop-down list.

    Programme: From the drop-down list select the your degree programme.

    Describe item Programme field presented as a drop-down list.

    Degree: From the drop-down list select the degree that you have earned.

    Describe item Degree field presented as a drop-down list.

    Department: This field is mandatory. Select the University department in which your degree was earned.

    Describe item Department field presented as drop-down list.

    Advisor: This field is mandatory. Enter the name of your advisor. For each additional name click the Add button to open a new field of entry.

    Describe item Advisor field to enter Last name and First Name.

    Thesis defense date: This field is mandatory. Enter the date your thesis/dissertation was successfully defended.

    Describe item Thesis defense date field to enter year, month and day.

    Date of Copyright: This field is mandatory. Enter the date that appears on the title page of the thesis/ dissertation. You may leave out the day and/ or month if they are not applicable.

    Describe item Date of Copyright field to enter year, month and day.

    Embargo lift date: If you wish to request a temporary or permanent embargo on access to your thesis, you must apply to the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS) stating the reason for your request before beginning the submission process. If you enter an embargo at the time of submission without prior approval from OGPS, it will be removed. Refer to the OGPS Thesis Completion Guide for instructions.

    Describe item Embargo lift date field to enter year, month, day.

    Click Next.

    Progress buttons Previous, Save & Exit and Next.

  9. Describe item (Part Two)

    Fill in all fields that are applicable to your submission.

    Subject keywords: Enter a keyword. For each additional keyword, click on the Add button to create a new field. The more descriptive the keywords are, the easier it will be for users to discover your submission.

    Describe item Subject Keywords field

    Abstract: This field is mandatory. Copy and paste your abstract exactly as written in your thesis/dissertation into the box.

    Describe item Abstract field.

    Sponsors: If you received funding, use this field to acknowledge your funders.

    Describe item Sponsor field.

    Click Next.

    Progress buttons Previous, Save & Exit and Next.

  10. Upload file

    It is mandatory to include a file with your submission. Your thesis/dissertation must be saved in PDF format prior to uploading. The following file naming convention is mandatory for electronic thesis submissions:


    (e.g. Smith_John_201204_Msc.pdf)

    NOTE: If your name is hyphenated, the hyphen should NOT be included in the file name.

    (e.g. John Smith-Jones would be SmithJones_John_201204_MSc.pdf)

a. Use the Browse button to locate and select the file from your hard drive.

NOTE: Multiple files can be added to a submission (e.g. PDF documents, graphics, videos, etc). If you wish to include supplemental files in your submission, please refer to the FAQ Technical for preferred file formats. Supplemental data files may also be deposited in the University of Guelph Research Data Repositories to improve access and discovery of your data, as well as to meet any funder/publisher requirements to share/ preserve your data. For more information regarding depositing your data with the U of G Research Data Repositories, please contact

b. Enter a brief description of the file.

c. If you are submitting multiple files, select Upload file & add another.

d. Once all files are uploaded, click Next.

Upload File window has the options to browse, describe and upload file(s).

  1. Use the Review submission window to review the information you have entered so far for typos and other omissions. Use the Correct one of these button to make corrections as necessary.

    When you are satisfied that the information is correct, click Next.

    Review Submission window with option to correct entered information.

  2. In the License your work window, you have the option to apply one of a number of standard licenses from Creative Commons to your item. The license will set the conditions under which your item can be used by others. Applying a Creative Commons license does not take away any of your rights; rather, it makes clear to readers of your work what kind of reuse you permit. Visit the Creative Commons website for an explanation of the licence choices.

    If you wish to use Creative Commons end user licensing, select a license from the drop-down list.

    Click Next.

    License Your Work window with a drop-down list of licenses.

  3. In the Library and Archives Canada License window, you must accept the copyright conditions as outlined by the Unversity of Guelph Copyright Policy section 2.2.1 Access to Student Works.

    Check the box I Grant the License.

    Click Complete your submission.

    Library and Archives Canada License window with full license text.

Your submitted paper will be sent to and reviewed by OGPS for format compliance. You will receive notification if any changes need to be made. Once the item is approved by OGPS, the paper will be posted to the Atrium, and, if there are no embargoes, it will be publicly accessible on the web. You will receive an auto-generated message to your email account notifying you when your paper is posted.

NOTE: You will not be able to make changes or edits to your submission after it has been submitted or posted (made public) to the Atrium without first obtaining permission from OGPS.

Checking the status of your item

You may check the status of your submission by logging into the Atrium and selecting Submissions located under My Account in the right hand menu bar. The Submissions & workflow tasks window will open and you will be able to track the status of your submission here.

  • While your submission is under review, the item will be listed under Submissions being reviewed.

    Submissions being reviewed list

  • If your submission has been rejected, it will be listed under Unfinished submissions. You will receive an email notification outlining the changes required. Once the corrections have been made, the item can be resubmitted. The submission will once again be listed under Submissions being reviewed while waiting approval.

    Unfinished submissions list

  • When your submission has been approved and your thesis/dissertation has been added to the Atrium, it will be listed under Archived Submissions.

    Archived submissions list

Departmental Theses & Dissertations collections

Your accepted thesis/dissertation will be automatically mapped into your department or school’s Theses & Dissertations collection. For the automatic mapping to occur, you must select a department during the Describe item (Part 1) step of the submission process.

Automatic mapping occurs once a week, on Sunday’s at 3:00am. Depending on when your thesis/dissertation was accepted into the Atrium, please allow up to a week for it to be visible in your department or school’s collection.

Still have questions?

All questions regarding ETD format or submission requirements should be directed to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at
Questions regarding the Atrium submission process described above or support for technical issues experienced while submitting your ETD to the Atrium, can be directed to the Research & Scholarship team at