FAQ Technical

Are items in the Atrium accessible?

Depositors should make every effort to ensure that the material added to the Atrium complies with current Ontario legislation concerning accessibility. The university website provides guidelines for creating accessible documents.

What file formats do you accept?

We accept a wide variety of formats for deposit, including text documents, images, sound recordings, and videos (see our Preserving Your Data webpage for details on our data deposit options).

Files should be unencrypted and uncompressed. Files should also be saved in formats which are preservation ‘friendly’ or non-proprietary, to ensure that your material does not become inaccessible due to redundant software.

Examples of preferred formats include:

Textual documents

  • NotePad  (.txt)
  • Rich Text Format ( .rtf)
  • PDF, PDF/A ( .pdf)
  • Open document text (.odt)
  • XML (.xml OR XHMTL)


  • JPEG 2000, JPEG (.jpeg)
  • TIFF version 6 uncompressed (.tif)
  • Raw image (.raw)
  • PDF/A, PDF (.pdf)

Video recordings

  • MP4

Sound recordings

  • MP3
  • WAV

Numerical data

  • Comma separated values (.csv)

Are there any guidelines for how files should be named?

In order to ensure long term access to files, it is important to avoid unusual characters in the file names.  Avoid using spaces or unusual characters such as: ! - @ # $ % & * ( ) + ? > <

In place of spaces between words use one of the following methods:

  • Use a capital for the first letter of each word (e.g. LastnameDateofpublication.pdf)
  • Smith201508.pdf

  • Use an underscore in between each word (e.g. Lastname_Dateofpublication.txt)
  • Smith_201508.txt

Is there a limit to the size or number of files which can be added?

For individual file sizes, files must be 2GB or less in order to be uploaded. If your files are larger than 2GB, please contact us for assistance.

There is no specific upper limit to the number of files which can be added to a collection or attached to an individual item. If you have a large collection of files to be uploaded, please contact us for details about bulk upload.

How do I obtain usage statistics for my item?

Usage statistics are available for each record in the Atrium. To view the statistics, first navigate to your item. In the right menu bar under the Statistics section, select View Usage Statistics. You will be redirected to a new page that provides basic usage statistics, such as total views, total views per month, number of file visits, top country views, and top city views.

What technology is behind the Atrium?

The Atrium has been created using DSpace technology, originally developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries and Hewlett-Packard. DSpace is freely available open source software.

Availability & Support

Content within the Atrium is available 24x7.

Please contact us for support if you encounter any problems submitting or accessing material.