Submitting items to the Atrium

How to submit items to the Atrium

Follow the instructions below to submit items to the Atrium. Please read our FAQ regarding copyright prior to submission.

  1. Go to the Atrium.

  2. Click the Login button, located under the orange header bar.

  3. Click the University of Guelph login link. Log in with your central login user name and password.

  4. In the right menu bar under the My Account menu, select Submissions.

    My Account menu options Logout, Profile, Submissions.

  5. In the Submissions & workflow tasks window, click on start a new submission.

    Submission and Workflow Tasks window and option to start a new submission.

  6. In the Select a collection window, choose the collection you would like to submit your item to from the drop-down list. This list will include only those collections to which you have permission to submit. If you would like to submit to a collection that is not included in this list, please contact us.

    Click Next.

    Select A Collection window with drop-down menu listing existing collections in the Atrium.

  7. In the Initial questions window indicate whether your item has multiple titles and/or has been previously published by selecting the appropriate box. Unless your item has been translated into another language and/or previously published, do not check either box but click Next to proceed to the next step.

    Check the box under Multiple titles if your item has a title that has been translated into additional languages.

    Check the box under Published if your item has been published elsewhere.

    Click Next.

    Initial Questions window with check boxes for Multiple titles or Published.

    Note: The buttons across the top of the form will help you to monitor you progress through the submission steps.

    Note: The Save & Exit button will allow you to save your work at any time and resume at a later date.

  8. Describe item (Part One)

Fill in all mandatory fields and any other field that is applicable to your submission. 

Authors: Enter the name of the author. For each additional author, click on the Add button to create a new field.

Describe item Author field to enter Last name and First name.

Title:  This field is mandatory.

Decribe item Title field.

Date of Creation:  This field is mandatory. Enter the date when the version of the item you are submitting was created. If the day and/or month of creation is unknown, they can be left blank. A year must be entered.

Describe item Date of Creation field

Other Titles: If you indicated Multiple Titles in the initial questions, you will be prompted to enter the translated title. For each additional translation, click on the Add button to create a new field.

Describe item Other Titles field.

Date of issue: This field is mandatory. If you indicated Published in the initial questions then you should enter the date of publication here. Entering a year is sufficient if you do not know the exact date of publication.

Describe item Date of Issue field to enter year, month and day.

Publisher: If you indicated Published in the initial questions you will be prompted to enter the name of your Publisher.

Describe item Publisher field.

Citation: If you indicated Published in the initial questions you will be prompted to enter the citation information for your publication.

Describe item Citation field.

Series/Report No.: If the item is part of a series you can name the series and provide the number of the item in that series.

Describe item Series/Report No. field.

Identifiers: If your item has an identifying code or number it can be entered here. For published resources this will include an ISBN or ISSN number.

Type: Select the option from the drop-down list that best matches your submission.

Describe item Type field presented as a drop-down list.

Language: Select the relevant language from the drop-down list.

Describe item Language field presented as a drop-down list.

Department: Select the University department that the primary author is affiliated with from the drop-down list.

Describe item Department field presented as a drop-down list.

Embargo lift date: This is the date that your item will become publicly accessible. Please enter the Year (YYYY), Month, and Day (DD) that the item will be released. NOTE: This field can only be used to set a temporary embargo in instances where the item has been submitted to a journal which places restrictions on immediate access through an institutional repository. See FAQ Copyright for details.

Describe item Emargo lift date field to enter year, month and day.

Click Next.

Progress buttons Previous, Save & Exit and Next.

  1. Describe item (Part Two)

Fill in all fields that are applicable to your submission.

Subject keywords: Enter a keyword. For each additional keyword, click on the Add button to create a new field. The more descriptive the keywords are, the easier it will be for users to discover your submission.

Describe item Subject Keywords field

Abstract: If you have a textual submission that includes an abstract you can cut and paste the abstract here.

Describe item Abstract field.

Sponsors: If you received funding, use this field to acknowledge your funders.

Describe item Sponsor field.

Description: This general section can be used to provide any additional information you wish to include.

Describe item Description field.

Click Next.

Progress buttons Previous, Save & Exit and Next.

  1. Upload file

    It is mandatory to include a file with your submission. Please see our technical FAQ for details about file formats and file naming.

    a. Use the Browse button to select a file from your hard drive or device.

    b. Enter a brief description. This is useful if your submission includes multiple files. For example, you might have one file with a description "PDF document" with another file labeled "JPEG image". You can include as many files as you want.

    c. If you are submitting multiple files, select Upload file & add another.

    d. Once all files are uploaded, click Next.

    Upload File window has the options to browse, describe and upload file(s).

  2. The Review submission window allows you to review the information you have entered for typos and omissions. Use the Correct one of these button to make changes as necessary.

    When you are satisfied that the information is correct, click Next.

    Review Submission window with option to correct entered information.

  3.  In the License your work window, you have the option to apply one of a number of standard licenses from Creative Commons to your item. The license will set the conditions under which your item can be used by others.

    Select a license from the drop-down list.

    Click Next.

    License Your Work window with a drop-down list of licenses.

  4. Distribution license

    In order for the Atrium to reproduce, translate and distribute your submission worldwide, you must agree to one of two distribution licenses: the Standard distribution license for sole author submission or the Standard distribution license for co-author submission.

    The distribution license is a statement confirming that you are not knowingly violating any intellectual property rights and that you are granting non-exclusive rights to the University of Guelph. Once you select a distribution license the full license of the text will be displayed. If applicable, complete any additional fields as required by your chosen license and then click Next.

    Distribution License window with license options and text of selected license.

  5. To complete the submission you must confirm your distribution license selection. Once you have reviewed your selected license click Complete Submission.

    Review Distribution License window and text of selected license.

    Please note that, depending on the rules established for the collection, your submission may not be publicly viewable until it has been cleared by a reviewer.